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The Leaders in Organ Offer Management

Proudly providing valuable solutions to organ transplant
centers around the United States of America since 2005.

About Us

Featured in the American Journal of Transplant, TCOA pioneered “Organ Offer Management®” which wasn’t even a thing before Transplant Coordinators of America blazed the trail to assist transplant centers in the delicate task of screening their organ offers. Until TCOA, transplant programs around the nation were fielding their organ offers themselves and struggling to keep up with the onslaught of DonorNet® calls: doctors were frustrated, coordinators were in over their heads and both were sleep deprived trying to figure out how to cope. Employing the most accomplished professionals to perform donor screening, organ call coverage, transportation coordination, donor management, for facilitation of organ recovery to transplantation.

Although our company was already in existence (2005) providing organ transport coordination to other centers, in 2007 with the advent of DonorNet® we expanded our services to include effective screening, evaluation and presentation of donor offers. Since launching the field now known as Organ Offer Management®, other companies have tried to replicate our highly skilled procedures.

  • DonorNet® Call Screening & Organ Evaluation

  • Effective Transportation Coordination

  • CMS / QAPI Compliance Record Keeping & Live Online Portal of Offer Data

  • Procedural Improvement Assessment & Analysis

Why Choose Us

Organ Call Screening Experts

Identified - introduced - and honed our skills at (with continued development) organ call screening, offer evaluation procedures and proper presentation to surgeons and other requested transplant personnel. Based on the center’s provided criteria we assess the organ(s) and present all viable offers in a timely and professional manner.

Organ Call Screening Experts

This was our organization’s original endeavor as we were founded with the goal ‘at first’, of helping centers handle the extremely time consuming and once very expensive undertaking of scheduling and coordinating import organ transport/surgical teams. With having vast skills in OPO side we are highly qualified to help. At a much more affordable price point.

Organ Call Screening Experts

With our standard “base” services of screening, organ eval, and presentation we automatically keep very detailed records of each offer, codes, timelines, surgeons & doctors on the case, and more. Then we give you a secure login to our proprietary analytics portal to view your offers with details, timeline of procedural “handlings”, and more.

Organ Call Screening Experts

With so much experience from OPO → administrative hurdles → O.R. , that our collaborative relationships in all things Organ Offer Management® provide value unique insight. Thus, we can give you our observations as to what things your center might want to explore in an effort to perform at its best.

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Providing qualified and dedicated transplant center solutions since 2005.

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